About JB Farm

JB FARM HOUSE is the most entertaining family picnic farm house in Karachi,Pakistan. This farm house is a place of nature lovers , where friends and families can enjoy their picnics and holidays. The JB  farm house covers an area of 6 acre land, located in a very prime and peaceful area of Malir accessible from Quaid-e-Azam International Airport , just 10 minutes drive from the Airport.

JB Farm house is highly developed stunningly design that combine the high standard filter plant pool , children pool with water slides , rockery, fountains, hill sights , grassy cricket ground , football , tennis , Basket Ball court, Spacious bedrooms, Bar B. Q stall, water dispenser , freezer , indoor games and special facility of water therapy.

Plan picnic & events and enjoy nature with all of its wonder at  JB  FARM HOUSE which is exclusively for family picnic, school picnic, college students picnic ,  multinational corporate picnics for employees and of other dignitaries / respectable people. We guarantee to provide endless entertainment at JB Farm House.

JB FARM HOUSE is operated by prime founders Kamran & Co and has no connection with any agent or brokers. We are committed to provide Quality Picnics to our clients.


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