Nursery & Gardening

JB FARM HOUSE Nursery has the right plant for any yard, garden or landscaping. Our plants are featured in more than 50 nurseries in Karachi and over 200 nurseries in Pakistan.

A cool chilly shade from trees or surrounding plants is calming for the nerves. A general prevailing idea is that greenery in a home has to come from trees or plants planted outside a home. A general trend is noticed; people either shifting before or after in their new homes will set out to buy common plants and trees for their gardens.

Besides plants pots of flowers are often seen lined across drives or entry ways to add colour. But a thought that must cross one’s mind is that, people tend to spend more time inside their homes that outside. All the greenery and décor done outside has little or no effect on the ambience and atmosphere inside. A fairly monotonous interior decoration often seen in homes is a space filled with thick bulky furniture.